Polish-Ukrainian relations. outside the arenas

Poland has long been working to bring Ukraine closer to the EU, and vice versa. While others have become short of breath, Poland has continued to pass the ball over the border. The goal statistics have not always lived up to expectations, but the game has continued, and the long-term goal remains the same.

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Sport and Politics. An Ethical Approach

A positive effect of placing the Championships in Ukraine is that a more intense debate on the democratic deficit in Ukraine has emerged. On the other hand, this can also lead to a situation where the regime in Ukraine benefit from the Championships.

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Baltic Worlds monitors European Football Championship

Baltic Worlds will be monitoring the European Football Championship in June here on Baltic Worlds’ website. A number of articles […]

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Stasi watched Sweden during the Cold War

By matching agent lists with agent reports from the Stasi archives, Professor Almgren, who is affiliated with Södertörn University, has delved deeper into issues relating to particular individuals than the Swedish security police have. She has established the incompetence of the Swedish security police and their inability to uncover threats to Sweden at the time.

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Baltic Worlds Roundtable 2011 Market Reform and Socio-Economic Change in Russia

Baltic Worlds Roundtable illuminates the tremendous changes that Russian social and economic life has undergone due to the introduction of market economy after the fall of state socialism. The Rondtable takes place October 6, 2011.

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János Kornai. What has happened to Hungary in so short a time?

The Hungarian János Kornai is one of Europe’s most respected economists. His name is often mentioned in speculation about the […]

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Baltic Worlds Roundtable. A Closer Look at the Energy Sector

Based on three basic themes - multi-level governance, sustainable development, knowledge of the issues involved - the aim of the Baltic Worlds Annual Roundtable 2010 is to gather a number of stakeholders and scholars to discuss the development of the energy sector in the Baltic Sea Region. Welcome the 24th of November to Södertörn University.

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Election coverage

Ann-Cathrine Jungar co-ordinate Baltic Worlds’ election coverage, on elections taking place in countries around the Baltic Sea region and in […]

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Global Energy Dilemmas: Baltic Energy Dilemmas?

This short presentation introduces the concept of the ‘Global Energy Dilemmas’ to examine the interrelationship between energy security, economic globalization and climate change policy.

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Ragni Svensson's Illustrations

Ragni Svensson contribute in each issue of Baltic Worlds with illustrations.

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