János Kornai. What has happened to Hungary in so short a time?

The Hungarian János Kornai is one of Europe’s most respected economists. His name is often mentioned in speculation about the […]

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Baltic Worlds Roundtable. A Closer Look at the Energy Sector

Based on three basic themes - multi-level governance, sustainable development, knowledge of the issues involved - the aim of the Baltic Worlds Annual Roundtable 2010 is to gather a number of stakeholders and scholars to discuss the development of the energy sector in the Baltic Sea Region. Welcome the 24th of November to Södertörn University.

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Election coverage

Ann-Cathrine Jungar co-ordinate Baltic Worlds’ election coverage, on elections taking place in countries around the Baltic Sea region and in […]

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Global Energy Dilemmas: Baltic Energy Dilemmas?

This short presentation introduces the concept of the ‘Global Energy Dilemmas’ to examine the interrelationship between energy security, economic globalization and climate change policy.

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Ragni Svensson's Illustrations

Ragni Svensson contribute in each issue of Baltic Worlds with illustrations.

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Translator of Baltic Worlds

Translator Brian Manning Delaney has developed a Style Guide for the magazine based on a modified version of the Chicago […]

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