Furrows in the agrarian field. Leaving deep traces

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Confrontation or compromise? Peasant leaders in interbellum Europe

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Ethnopolitical dilemmas. Europe’s 20th century: the century of expulsions

Detlef Brandes, Holm Sundhausen & Stefan Troebst (eds.) Lexikon der Vertreibungen Deportation, Zwangsaussiedlung und ethnische Säuberung im Europa des 20. Jahrhunderts. [Lexicon of expulsions: Deportation, forced resettlement, and ethnic cleansing in twentieth-century Europe] In cooperation with Kristina Kaiserová und Krzysztof Ruchniewicz Vienna, Cologne & Weimar Dmytro Meyshkov, 2010, 801 pages

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Brodsky’s credo. Aesthetics is the mother of ethics

Bengt Jangfeldt Språket är Gud Anteckningar om Joseph Brodsky [Language is God: Notes on Joseph Brodsky] Stockholm: Wahlström & Widstrand 2010 367 pages

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Research on Russia from a Finnish horizon. Avoiding collapse by framing institutions

Russia Lost or Found? Patterns and Trajectories Edited by Hiski Haukkala and Sinikukka Saari Helsinki: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Edita 2009 217 pages

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Reflections on the historiography of a reactionary era

Andrei Zubov, (ed. and author), Istoriia Rossii, XX vek. 1894–1939, Istoriia Rossii, XX vek. 1939–2007, [The history of Russia: The 20th century. 1894– 1939; The history of Russia: The 20th century. 1939–2007] Moscow: Astrel 2009, 1,023+829 pages

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Keeping an eye on a neighbor. A German look on Denmark

Bernd Henningsen, Dänemark C H Beck. 2009, 229 pages (From the series: Die Deutschen und ihre Nachbarn)

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Small-state realism and the geopolitics of raw materials. An outsider’s approach

Einar Maseng, Utsikt over de nord-europeiske staters utenrikespolitikk i de siste århundrer [An overview of the Northern European States’ foreign policy during the last centuries]. I–III Oslo: Universitets-forlaget 2005: 323, 291, 353 pages

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Dissertation review. Language disputes and modernization.

+ Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel, Målreising og modernisering i Noreg 1885–1940, [The New Language Movement and Modernization in Norway 1885–1940], Trondheim: Noreg’s University of Science and Technology, NTNU, 2009, 589 pages

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The legacy of shock therapy. Russian liberalism in the political wilderness

+ Michail Kasianov, Bez Putina: Politicheskiye dialogi s Yevgenyem Kiselyovym, [Without Putin: Political Dialogues with Yevgeny Kiselyov] Moscow: Novaya gazeta 2009, 320 pages

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