PhD student in History, CBEES, Södertörn University.

Francesco Zavatti

PhD student in History, CBEES, Södertörn University. His PhD project concerns nationalist historiographies in communist and post-communist Eastern Europe, focusing on the case of Ceausescu’s Romania, comprehending the study of historical narratives and of the historians and the institutions who wrote as well as sponsored them.

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Articles by Francesco Zavatti

  1. Between memory and courage. Rune Ottosen’s Tourist in Utopia

    Tourist in Utopia. Travels in Ideology and the Albanian landscape [Turist i Utopia, reiser i ideologi og albansk landskap], Rune Ottosen (1950-). 336 pages.

  2. Imagining the Åland Islands. A sea of peace

    Deborah Paci, L’archipelago della pace: Le isole Åland e il Baltico (XIX-XXI secolo) [The Archipelago of Peace: The Åland Islands and the Baltic Sea (19th-21st centuries)], Milan: Unicopli, 2016; 236 pages.

  3. “Historiography has been a minefield”

    Perspectives on the past are charged, not least in Romania. Vladimir Tismaneanu, former chair for the Scientific Council of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) is here interviewed about the links between history and politics in Romania.

  4. The burden of sad times. Another face of the Twentieth Century

    Stefano Bottoni, Un altro Novecento L’Europa orientale dal 1919 a oggi [Another twentieth century: Eastern Europe from 1919 to the present day] Rome 2011, Carocci Editore, 404 pages

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