Kevin Deegan-Krause & Tim Haughton

Kevin Deegan-Krause is Associate Professor of Political Science at Wayne State University.  He is the author of Elected Affinities: Democracy and Party Competition in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (2006) and co-editor of The Structure of Political Competition in Western Europe (2010) and the Handbook of Political Change in Eastern Europe (forthcoming), and the co-editor of the European Journal of Political Research’s Political Data Yearbook

Tim Haughton is Senior Lecturer in the Politics of Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Birmingham and the 2011-12 Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He is the author of Constraints and Opportunities of Leadership in Post-Communist Europe (2005), the editor of Party Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Does EU Membership Matter? (2011) and the co-editor of the Journal of Common Market Studies’ Annual Review of the European Union.   

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Articles by Kevin Deegan-Krause & Tim Haughton

  1. PiS in Poland Promises a Welfare State upon Winning the Elections

    To understand the election results and its implications it is necessary to distinguish two different layers of Polish politics. At the visible surface of politics, the battle takes places between the two dominant parties, PiS and PO. However, at a “deeper lever”, both parties struggle to react to global challenges, but they do so in diametrically different manners. Whether PO or PiS in government, the past years of Polish politics has seen a steadily growing realisation that politics at the national level becomes increasingly difficult.

  2. Art History outside the nationalist paradigm. Soros art centers in a global perspective

    Globalizing East European Art Histories. Past and Present. Routledge Research in Art History Beáta Hock and Anu Allas (ed.), London: Routledge, 2018. 232 pages.

  3. Politics of colonization. Russian imperial governance through the institution of marriage

    Negotiating Imperial Rule. Colonists and Marriage in the Nine-teenth-Century Black Sea Steppe Julia Malitska, Södertörn Doctoral Dissertations 135, Stockholm 2017, 392 pages.

  4. The Gulag memory. The sites and places of commemoration

    Gulag Memories. The re-discovery and com-memoration of Russia’s repressive past, Zuzanna Bogumil New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books 2018. 302 pages.

  5. Between memory and courage. Rune Ottosen’s Tourist in Utopia

    Tourist in Utopia. Travels in Ideology and the Albanian landscape [Turist i Utopia, reiser i ideologi og albansk landskap], Rune Ottosen (1950-). 336 pages.

  6. Writing the War. Literature about the war in Donbas

    The Length of the Day (2017), Volodymyr Rafeenko, Dovhi Chasy, Lviv: Vydav-nytstvo Staroho Leva, 2017, 336 pages. The Boarding School (2017), Serhii Zhadan, Internat, Chernivtsi: Meredian Czernowitz, 2017, 272 pages.

  7. Introduction Special Section Life in the Archipelago The Baltic Sea Region Archipelagos and Islands: Conditions and challenges

    This special issue deals with a number of questions related to the livelihoods of people, economic conditions, challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs located on the archipelagos and islands of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). While some local conditions, problems, and challenges are shared by all rural, remote, and peripheral areas, the BRS archipelagos and islands have their own unique characteristics.

  8. Berlin and Europe 1989 and now

    On May 13--14, 2019 the Körber History Forum took place, where some 200 experts on European history and politics had gathered in the capital of Germany to discuss current European affairs and global issues. In particular, the imminent threat of Russia and the historical roots of the return of “strong leaders” in European politics were in focus in this year’s debates.

  9. App speeds up anchoring on busy islands

    The ideas of two Media Technology students added value to the project Archipelago Business Development.

  10. The Archipelago Business Development project gave new insights

    Tiina Thörnroos was one of the participators of the project Archipelago Business Development. The project aims at developing new business models in the archipelago by forming partnerships between entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Finland (including Aland Islands) and Sweden.

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