Roman Horbyk is PhD student in Media and Communication Studies at Södertörn University. Roman Horbyk was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has worked as a journalist.

Roman Horbyk

PhD student in Media and Communications Studies at Södertörn University. Roman Horbyk  was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. He accomplished his BA and MA degrees with majors in Journalism at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. Roman received an international Master’s degree in ”Journalism and Media within Globalisation: a European Perspective” in 2012 with a joint certificate from Universities of Aarhus and Hamburg, having also studied in Amsterdam and completed courses from UC Berkeley.

As a researcher, he is primarily interested in how the media functions within power relations; other topics of interest include postcolonial theory as well as media history, particularly in relation to the popular genres in the 1920s and 1930s. Roman has also extensively worked as a print and TV journalist with a 10-year career. His reports and columns were published in Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, and Denmark.

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Articles by Roman Horbyk

  1. Games from the Past: The continuity and change of the identity dynamic in Donbas from a historical perspective

    The ambiguity of the 1920s Ukrainianization is well known among its scholars. A curious fact is that was becoming less intense and effective where the initial positions of the Ukrainian were weaker. Donbas was specifically one such region. If Ukraine is a borderland, Donbas is a borderland multiplied by itself, notes the author and further claims that "Donbas will retain its hybridity no matter the outcome of the current unrest. Still, the volatile situation brings not only risks but also yet another chance for belated modernisation."

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