Professor of human geography, CBEES. Editor of the year-book Ymer.

Thomas Lundén

Professor emeritus of human geography. Recent publications: On the boundary (2004) Crossing the border (ed., 2006), Kaliningrad identity (ed., with Gunnel Bergström and Lise-Lotte Nilsson, 2009). Thomas Lundén holds the Board Chair at Baltic Worlds’ Editorial Advisory Board.

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Articles by Thomas Lundén

  1. From Soviet seclusion to West European integration. The development of Baltic air connections

    Mobility and regionalization: Changing patterns of air traffic in the Baltic Sea Region in connection to European integration. Jan Henrik Nilsson, Geographia Polonica 2018. Vol. 91:1, pp 77–93.

  2. Uprootedeness in the Polish-German Borderlands. The meaning of the transformation revised

    Dystopia’s Provocateurs: Peasants, State and Informality in the Polish-German Borderlands, Edyta Materka, Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2017, 234 pages.

  3. The Peace of Stolbova 1617 – a seminar on the beginning of a peaceful co-existence

    The 400th anniversary of the peace treaty between Sweden and Russia has for obvious reasons been in the shadow of […]

  4. Bordering Pomerania Boundary-defining and demographic transgression in a geopolitically contested region

    This study focuses on three aspects of the geography of Pomerania: The definition of the area, in terms of bordering and containment, its governance, particularly in relation to the third aspect, its demography, in terms of which religious and ethnic groups were allowed in or expelled from the area. In the long history of Pomerania, groups in the area also changed religion or ethnicity.

  5. Cross-over contacts in the subarctic peripheries. Teamwork, description and synthesis

    The Barents Region: A Transnational History of Subarctic Northern Europe, Chief editor Lars Elenius. PaxForlag, Oslo, 2015, 518 pages.

  6. One in a thousand. An ordinary extraordinary woman

    Helmut Müssener, Wolfgang Wilhelmus: Stettin Lublin Stockholm. Elsa Meyring: Aus dem Leben einer deutschen Nichtarierin im zwanzig-sten Jahr-hundert., 2nd edition. Rostock: Ingo Koch Verlag, 2014.

  7. A missing air force plane. The secret of the Cold War

    Christer Lokind: DC-3:an. Kalla krigets hemlighet [The DC-3: the secret of the Cold War]. Stockholm: Medströms bokförlag, 2014.

  8. A world conference on the border

    The first world conference on borders, under the title Post-Cold War Borders – Global Trends and Regional Responses was held in Joensuu, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia and in the borderland in-between on June 9-13, 2014.

  9. Stettin (Szczecin) A node in a geopolitical network

    The author shows how one small region, Stettin/Szczecin, because of its strategic place became involved in important events throughout history.

  10. a hundred years later streetcars are still rattling in Baltic cities

    A young geographer by the name of Sten De Geer mapped the cities around the Baltic Sea in an article published in 1912. As an attempt to capture the urban structure of Baltic region cities, his paper is unique. In this article, we comment on his meticulous descriptions of these cities, with a century-long perspective.

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