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Baltic Worlds’ Online Coverage: “The Impacts of the Pandemic”

Baltic Worlds’ website is publishing comments from different countries and regions on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be contributions from several countries, more to expect soon. Baltic Worlds' Online Coverage will examine how politicians in different parts of the world are reacting to the crisis. Some are using the crisis to promote authoritarian or illiberal policies. Restrictions have been enacted to protect vulnerable groups from Covid-19, but the consequences and costs are hard to estimate, not only economically; we know that domestic violence has increased, and other side effects are also open to discussion. Is work to combat the pandemic eroding democracy? People have fewer tools than ever for making their voices heard, defending human rights, or crossing borders. What will the outcome be?

By Ninna Mörner No Comments on Baltic Worlds’ Online Coverage: “The Impacts of the Pandemic”