Illustration: Moa Thelander

Illustration: Moa Thelander

Okategoriserade 1991-2021: THIRTY YEARS AFTER

The Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES, arranges a series of multidisciplinary roundtables during 2021 with a focus on the 30 years period since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Published on on January 18, 2021

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This year it is 30 years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union when the word, post, came to dominate the social realities in our region, as well as scholarship about it. In December 1991, the Soviet Union ceased to exist and new circumstances became relevant, the post-Soviet, post-socialist, and post-communist ones. 2021 mark the end of the region’s third decade under the sign of “afterness”. What came after seems to have almost entirely coincided with what was left after: the USSR’s legacy and heritage; its accursed or blessed memories; the private nostalgic longing for it and the retrotopian public policies; political restoration and the remnants of the past in the present-day historical revisionisms.
During 2021 CBEES invites friends and colleagues to join us in a critical reflection on this thirty-year long durée; we are proposing a series of roundtables to think through the meaningful transformation of the cultures and societies, to follow the substantial change that maybe slips our attention as we focus on repetitions and returns.

The preliminary programme is to be found here, it is subject to changes.>>

The activities will be covered at Baltic Worlds’ website here: USSR 30 years.