This Web Site

Here you will find a selection of articles previously published in the quarterly Baltic Worlds, in particular research articles and reviews.

The articles will be added and arranged in chronological order. They are categorized according to the same vignettes used in the magazine: essay, feature, review, interview, commentary.

To navigate around the site, simply search using the tags.

On the start page there is a presentation of articles grouped around various themes or topics the editors want to highlight.

Each individual issue of Baltic Worlds can soon be downloaded as a low-resolution PDF file.

The individual articles on the Web site can also be downloaded as PDF files, in a printer-friendly format, and then printed. It is easy to leave a comment on the individual articles, and it is possible to suggest an article to a colleague. Baltic Worlds on the Web is a space where views and ideas on research can be exchanged, in good scientific tradition.

The editors have the possibility of eliminating comments they regard as misuse, and we would like to hear from anyone who wants report any suspected misuse, but Baltic Worlds cannot take responsibility for every single post.

This site is still new. In the future, new functions and sources of information will be added.

If you have ideas about how the site can be improved and developed, please email the editorial board: