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Consumer and producer cooperatives. Different legacies in Northern and Eastern Europe

+ Mary Hilson, Pirjo Markkola and Ann-Catrin Östman (eds.) Co-operatives and the Social Question: The Co-operative Movement in Northern and Eastern Europe (1880—1950), Cardiff 2012: Welsh Academic Press, 226 pages

By AnuMai Kõll November 12, 2013

Dissertation review. Class divides and xenophobia in the shadow of World War II

Johan Svanberg Arbetets relationer och etniska dimensioner: Verkstadsföreningen, Metall och esterna vid Svenska Stålpress-nings AB i Olofström 1945–1952 [Labour Relations and Ethnic Dimensions of Work. The Swedish Engineering Employers’ Association, the Swedish Metalworkers’ Union, and the Estonians at Svenska Stålpressnings AB in Olofström 1945—1952] Linnaeus University Press: Växjö 2010 380 pages

By AnuMai Kõll January 11, 2011

An economic explanation of 1989. When debt-ridden elites left the scene

In the fall of 2009, Uncivil Society: 1989 and the Implosion of the Communist Establishment by Stephen Kotkin was published. The book offers a new interpretation of the causes behind the Eastern European collapse of 1989, utilizing structural and economic explanations.

By AnuMai Kõll February 19, 2010