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East or West: Geopolitical Alternatives in Central and Eastern Europe

On May 16 2024, a workshop was organised at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University, that included presentations on geopolitical orientations in the Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus.

By Joakim Ekman June 2, 2024

Competitive victimhood. Ethnonational conflicts and possibilities for reconciliation

Analyzing Competitive Victimhood: Narratives of Recognition and Non-recognition in the Pursuit of Reconciliation, Çağla Demirel, (Doctoral dissertation: Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences, 2023). 187 pages

By Joakim Ekman December 11, 2023

Standing Up for Democracy and Academic Freedom

Current research tell us that we are presently facing a global wave of autocratization. Gradual declines of democratic attributes characaterize political regimes worldwide. Technology opens up for democratic interaction, but also makes it easy to spread fake news. Freedom of expression is in peril. Universities all around the world encounter repression of academic freedom. To discuss these and other challenges, Linnaeus University (in Växjö) organized a digital conference on A Questioned Democracy, on November 15, 2023.

By Joakim Ekman November 15, 2023

Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region

On November 7-8, 2023, Baltic University Programme organized the BUP Symposium, an annual online event to discuss different aspects of ongoing research on sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region.

By Joakim Ekman November 8, 2023

Supporting Ukrainian Researchers

Shortly after the outbreak of the war (the full-scale Russian attack on February 24, 2022), the European Commission set up a fellowship scheme (called MSCA4Ukraine) to provide support to displaced researchers from Ukraine.

By Joakim Ekman September 19, 2023

Contested Feminism

Gefjon Off, Contested Feminism: Backlash and the Radical Right (Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, September 15, 2023): Public defense of doctoral dissertation. External opponent: Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Department of Government, University of Bergen.

By Joakim Ekman September 15, 2023

After Space Utopia Public defense of doctoral dissertation: Roman Privalov

Public defense of doctoral dissertation: Roman Privalov, After Space Utopia: Post-Soviet Russia and Futures in Space (Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences, May 12, 2023), 210 pages. External opponent: Associate Professor Arita Holmberg, Swedish Defence University, Stockholm.

By Joakim Ekman September 12, 2023

The Political Representation and Participation of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities

For two days in early June, a team of researchers met up at Södertörn University (CBEES) to discuss different aspects of political participation and political representation of ethnic minorities and migrants in Central and Eastern Europe.

By Joakim Ekman September 5, 2023

Promoting multidisciplinarity and international cooperation

On March 27—30, the Baltic University Programme (BUP) organized the BUP Master Thesis Training 2023. 22 master students from the BUP participating universities attended the event, which took place at the Geocentrum at Uppsala University.

By Joakim Ekman June 20, 2023

Talking about the past and future of the Baltic states

The theme of this year’s conference, the 13th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe (CBSE) was “Baltic Solidarity” — and most appropriate, no one less than Lech Wałęsa was there to open the event.

By Joakim Ekman February 25, 2020