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The death of Alexei Navalny and the eternal return of the Gulag

Commemoration in Russia of Navalny, also one person with one life, revealed historical continuity with the pain of the past, but perhaps more importantly established a sense of community with those who suffered before us. When the first flowers appeared in front of previously desolate memorials to victims of political oppression, grief mixed with hope to create an unexpected feeling of togetherness.

By Josefina Lundblad-Janjić April 23, 2024

Shalamov rediscovered: when a poet writes prose

The shift from a primary focus on Shalamov’s prose to a more comprehensive approach which includes his poetic, biographic, and dramatic works informed the conference throughout its three days.

By Josefina Lundblad-Janjić April 30, 2014

Life and work, world literature and Soviet history. Exploring the moral necessity of Varlam Shalamov

During two scorching hot days in the middle of June, a diverse assembly of scholars from Russia and beyond converged in Moscow in search of answers to two questions: What is Varlam Shalamov? And why do we need him?

By Josefina Lundblad-Janjić October 3, 2011