Lake Ladoga. A transnational history

Lake Ladoga: The Coastal History of the Greatest Lake in Europe. Maria Lähteenmäki and Isaac Land, eds.,(Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society, 2023). Studia Fennica Historica vol. 27, 233 pages.

By Marta Grzechnik April 23, 2024

The archaeologist Marija Gimbutas. Grand theories at the outskirts of modernity

Marija Gimbutas: Transnational Biography, Feminist Reception, and the Controversy of Goddess Archaeology, Rasa Navickaitė (Routledge: London, 2022) 244 pages

By Lelde Luika April 23, 2024

Competitive victimhood. Ethnonational conflicts and possibilities for reconciliation

Analyzing Competitive Victimhood: Narratives of Recognition and Non-recognition in the Pursuit of Reconciliation, Çağla Demirel, (Doctoral dissertation: Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences, 2023). 187 pages

By Joakim Ekman December 11, 2023

Four European cities in change. Chișinău, Černivci, L’viv, and Wrocław

At home or abroad? Chișinău, Černivci, L’viv and Wrocław: Living with historical changes to borders and national identities. Bo Larsson, (ed.) (Lund: Universus Academic Press, 2020), 560 pages.

By Thomas Borén December 11, 2023

Contested Feminism

Gefjon Off, Contested Feminism: Backlash and the Radical Right (Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, September 15, 2023): Public defense of doctoral dissertation. External opponent: Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Department of Government, University of Bergen.

By Joakim Ekman September 15, 2023

After Space Utopia Public defense of doctoral dissertation: Roman Privalov

Public defense of doctoral dissertation: Roman Privalov, After Space Utopia: Post-Soviet Russia and Futures in Space (Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences, May 12, 2023), 210 pages. External opponent: Associate Professor Arita Holmberg, Swedish Defence University, Stockholm.

By Joakim Ekman September 12, 2023

How and why did Estonia succeed? Exploring the long-lasting grip of the Soviet period

Bakom och bortom järnridån. De sovjetiska åren och frigörelsen i Baltikum och Ukraina [Behind the Iron Curtain and Beyond. The Soviet Years and the Emancipation in the Baltics and Ukraine]. Li Bennich Björkman. Stockholm: Appell förlag. 465 pages

By Kristian Gerner June 20, 2023

A neighborhood view of Kaliningrad. Investigating close cross-border relations

The Kaliningrad Region. A Specific Enclave in Contemporary Europe Eds., Arkadiusz Żukowski and Wojciech T. Modzelewski (Paderborn: Brill Schöningh, 2021) 336 pages

By Thomas Lundén June 20, 2023

Everyday life in rural Belarus. In the shadow of the last kolkhozes

A Taste for Oppression — A Political Ethnography of Everyday Life in Belarus Ronan Hervouet: (New York, Oxford: Berghahn, 2021) 254 pages. (Original: Ronan Hervouet: Le Goût Des Tyrans. Une Ethnographie Politique Di Quotidien En Biélorussie (Lormont: Le Bord de l’eau, 2020) 281 pages

By Leo Granberg June 20, 2023

The Åland autonomy. The Åland autonomy. A success story and a particular case

The Future Conditions for the Åland Autonomy, Bjarne Lindström and Göran Lindholm (Olof M. Jansson’s Foundation for the promotion of historical research on Åland, 2021), 95 pages

By Manne Wängborg June 22, 2022