The image of the foreigner in the GDR. Dissertation review

Ann-Judith Rabenschlag, Völkerfreund-schaft nach Bedarf: Ausländische Arbeitskräfte in der Wahrnehm-ung von Staat und Bevölkerung der DDR. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Stockholm Studies in History 102, Södertörn Doctoral Dissertations 100.

By Patrice Poutrus November 19, 2015

The sea as a space for circulation. Ideas, people, and goods beyond barriers

Marta Grzechnik, Heta Hurskainen (ed.), Beyond the Sea: Reviewing the Manifold Dimensions of Water as Barrier and Bridge. Cologne-Weimar-Vienna, Böhlau -Verlag GmbH, 2014, 269 pages.

By Deborah Paci November 19, 2015

A symphony of voices on Euromaidan. Ukraine as a subject of history

Juri Andrucho-wytsch (hrsg.) Euromaidan. Was in der Ukraine auf dem Spielsteht, [Yuri Andrukho-vych (ed.): Euromaidan: what is at stake in Ukraine].Berlin: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2014, 207 pp.

By Yuliya Yurchuk November 19, 2015

Female shuttle trade between Belarus and Lithuania. Dissertation review

Volha Sasunkevich, “From Political Borders to Social Boundaries: History of Female Shuttle Trade on the Belarus–Lithuania Borderland (1990—2011)” (PhD diss., Greifswald University, 2013).

By Yulia Gradskova November 19, 2015

How to do business with Russia. Guidelines for businesspeople

Katerina Smetanina, Når Ivar møter Ivan. Å gjøre forretninger i Russland [When Ivar meets Ivan. How to do business in Russia] Oslo: Arneberg Forlag, 2014, 548 pages.

By Helene Carlbäck November 19, 2015

Russia turns to East Asia. Geopolitical strategies and projection

Tsuneo Akaha and Anna Vassilieva (ed.), Russia and East Asia. Informal and Gradual Integration, London and New York: Routledge 2014, 320 pages.

By Irina Korgun November 19, 2015

A missing air force plane. The secret of the Cold War

Christer Lokind: DC-3:an. Kalla krigets hemlighet [The DC-3: the secret of the Cold War]. Stockholm: Medströms bokförlag, 2014.

By Thomas Lundén May 13, 2015

Soviet refugees in postwar Sweden. Asylum policy in a liberal democracy

+ Cecilia Notini Burch, A Cold War Pursuit: Soviet Refugees in Sweden, 1945–54. Stockholm: Santérus Academic Press Sweden, 2014. 359 pages.

By Ann-Marie Ekengren January 21, 2015

Local and regional cooperation in the Szczecin area. An act of political debordering

+ Peter Balogh, Perpetual Borders: German-Polish Cross-border Contacts in the Szczecin Area, Meddelanden från Kultur-geografiska institutionen vid Stockholms Universitet, [Reports of the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, Number 145] Stockholm: University of Stockholm Press, 2014, 204 pages.

By James Wesley Scott January 21, 2015

Post-military Islands in transformation. Leaving the past aside

+ Beate Feldmann Eellend: Visionära planer och vardagliga praktiker: Postmilitära landskap i Östersjö-området (Visionary plans and everyday practices: post-military landscapes in the Baltic Sea region). Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis. Stockholm Studies in Ethnology 7, 2013. 157 pages, ill.

By Fredrik Nilsson May 6, 2014