Editor-in-chief of BW 2008-2012.

Anders Björnsson

Editor-in-chief of BW 2008-2012. Researcher at Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) (1982–1993), and at Svenska Dagbladet (1994–2001). Editor-in-Chief of Dagens Forskning (2001–2003). Since 2003, independent writer and researcher.

Recent publications include Max Weber – inblickar i en tid och ett tänkande [Max Weber – views into an age and a way of thinking] (2006), I kunskapens intresse [In the interests of knowledge], a study of the Swedish academics movement (2007), Palatset som Finland räddade [The Palace that Finland saved] (2009) and Skuggor av ett förflutet [Shadows of a past], a book about the Swedish Farmers’ League and the 1930s (2009). Conducts research on the professional and union organizing efforts of Swedish occupational therapists. Together with Professor Lars Magnusson (Uppsala University), he is completing a group project on Swedish economic thought from the time of Saint Birgitta (Saint Bridget) until the First World War.

2001 and 2009, visiting research fellow at the School of Public Administration (University of Gothenburg). 1992–1999, on the board of the Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSFR). 1999–2001 on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Swedish Institute for Contemporary History (Södertörn University). Starting 2009, on the board of TAM (the archival department of Swedish white collar and professional trade unions).

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Articles by Anders Björnsson

  1. Access granted: archives open for researcher

    On June 24, 2010 Regeringsrätten, Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court, reached a verdict, marking a victory for Professor Birgitta Almgren’s research. Both the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) and the Stockholm Administrative Court of Appeal had rejected Professor Almgren's request to obtain the classified documents from the GDR's foreign espionage that the CIA sent to Säpo.

  2. Keeping an eye on a neighbor. A German look on Denmark

    Bernd Henningsen, Dänemark C H Beck. 2009, 229 pages (From the series: Die Deutschen und ihre Nachbarn)

  3. Turning a blind Eye to the Obvious

    István Rév opens the door to the Open Society Archives for a discussion about bloodshed as a poor gauge of a revolution, about honesty and decency as rare commodities, and about populism and utopianism.

  4. The Return of Space. A Conversation on the Geography Renaissance with Karl Schlögel

    Cultural historian Karl Schlögel reflects on what sort of components create a geographic space. Interpretations of what took place and what is taking place always occur in a spatial context.

  5. In the spirit of Linnaeus and the footsteps of Thunberg. The last research voyage

    + C. F. Hornstedt. Brev från Batavia: En resa till Ostindien 1782–1786. [Letters from Batavia: A Journey to the East Indies, 1782–1786]. Christina Granroth, editor, in collaboration with Patricia Berg and Maren Jonasson. Helsinki & Stockholm, the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, and Atlantis, 2008. 418 pages, illustrated.

  6. A German who has traveled far. The man behind Echolot

    + Dirk Hempel. Walter Kempowski – Eine bürgerliche Biographie. Verlagsgruppe Random House (2007).

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