Visiting professor at CBEES, Södertörn University, editor-in-chief Sändaren.

Anders Mellbourn

Visiting professor at CBEES. From 1997 to 2004 he was director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and before that editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter. Has a Ph.D. in political science from Stockholm University with a research focus on the political role of civil service and public sector reform. Like Piotr Sztompka, he has always been attracted by the great U.S. university system and, even before Sztompka, made it to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. There he got to know a young Robert D. Putnam, an investment in social capital that he since has been able to exploit only minimally.

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Articles by Anders Mellbourn

  1. A multi-focused read. Borders, nationalism, and religious education

    Jenny Berglund, Thomas Lundén, Peter Strandbrink, eds, Crossings and Crosses: Borders, Educations, and Religions in Northern Europe De Gruyter, Boston/Berlin: 2015, 241 pages.

  2. An Hour with Adam Przeworski

    Professor Adam Przeworski often asks the questions most of us are a little embarrassed to ask. We see democracy as the natural state of affairs. To Adam Przeworski, who came from New York to Uppsala in late September 2010 to receive this year’s Johan Skytte Prize in political science, no such truths are taken for granted.

  3. After the “German question”: A “Russian question” in Europe remains

    Södertörn University held a conference on the legacies of 1989, “Recasting the Peaceful Revolution”. The predominating perspective during the entire conference: the fall of communism was the result of popular pressure and protest from below, not of great-power politics. Much was to be celebrated the automn of 2009.

  4. The Fall of the Wall. Fifty Years of Waiting for the Right to Vote.

    Joachim Gauck was 50 years old when he first voted in a free, democratic election in the GDR. A conversation about power and powerlessness, culpability, and reconciliation. The opposite of Communism is individualism, he states.

  5. Stepping stone into the world. A Conversation on Sociology with Piotr Sztompka

    The Polish sociologist Piotr Sztompka explains how he became fascinated by the laws and theories governing the behavior of individuals and the dynamics of society. Soon, his work on social existence, which examines the macro level, will be published.

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