Anna Tarasenko and Meri Kulmala

Anna Tarasenko: Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, National Research University Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Visiting Researcher, at Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki). Research interests: a regional dimension of social policy reforms in Russia, new public management reforms and non-profit sector development, outsourcing of social services.
Meri Kulmala: Senior Researcher and Director of Helsinki Inequality Initiative at the University of Helsinki. Research interests: social in/justice, in/equality, a welfare state, social policy, child welfare, co-creative research methodologies.

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Articles by Anna Tarasenko and Meri Kulmala

  1. Reforming Child Welfare in the Post-Soviet Space. Institutional Change in Russia

    The deinstitutionalization as a policy shift introduced an entirely new principle of care in contemporary Russia. It brought the right to live in a family to the center of the care system, seeing residential, collective care as being harmful to children. The analysis shows that children left without family and placed in institutional care are mainly “social orphans”, meaning that their parents are alive but deprived of parental rights.

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