Anna Tessmann

PhD in the Study of Religions and Postdoctoral researcher at Mainz University. Her research focus is in comparative study of religions; new religious movements; Soviet and post-Soviet esotericism and astrology; zoroastrianism; ancient and; contemporary Iranian religions, and didactics of Persian and Russian languages.

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Articles by Anna Tessmann

  1. “I was fascinated by the extent of occulture in a communist country like Yugoslavia of the 1970s”

    A conversation with Nemanja Radulović on esotericism and New Age in communist Yugoslavia, and alternative and occult expressions and thinking.

  2. Special section: New Age and alternative beliefs in socialist Eastern Europe Introduction. New Age spiritualities of (post-) socialism

    Baltic Worlds has in this special section “New Age and alternative beliefs in socialist Eastern Europe” invited scholars from different disciplines to address topics relating to the diversity of new religious beliefs in Eastern Europe during the socialist era and beyond. The authors, five scholars studying the multiple expressions of New Age spirituality on their own material, propose to view New Age from various angles.

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