Björn Kumm is a Swedish journalist and author.

Björn Kumm

Björn Kumm (born 1938) is a Swedish journalist and author. He has written books on Latin America, the Cold War, and on the history of terrorism. He works at Harper’s Magazine in Sweden. As a young journalist, Kumm made the scoop of his life in 1967, when he was one of the few people who witnessed the dead body of Che Guevara after the execution of the captured revolutionary leader by Bolivian troops. Kumm described the scene in a November 11, 1967, exclusive for The New Republic. In 2007, Kumm wrote a biography on Guevara called Che.

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Articles by Björn Kumm

  1. 24 hours is a long time in revolutions János Kornai on taking risks and ending up on opposing sides

    János Kornai certainly has been taking risks, and he definitely got his chance to develop in a most unusual way. He started out as a very young journalist in communist Hungary, and he eventually became a professor at Harvard.

  2. The Baltics A sea too tranquil?

    There was a time, only a few decades ago, when Northern Europe was the object of intensified strategic attention. Today, by comparison, the Baltic area seems a fairly tranquil place. Is it in fact too tranquil? That is worrisome for the once-again independent three republics on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea.

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