Cecilia Sjöholm

Professor of Aesthetics at Södertörn University and project leader of the research project Distrusting Monuments. Art and the war in Former Yugoslavia (funded by the Baltic and East European Studies Foundation). She studies the relation between art and politics in contemporary culture. She has published extensively on art, psychoanalysis and critical theory.

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Articles by Cecilia Sjöholm

  1. Animating brutalism – cinematic renderings of Yugoslav monuments

    The study of monuments tends to focus on human agency, in the form of political history, war history, antagonism, trauma and so on. Aesthetic qualities are often seen as superficial and fetishized qualities that belie the impact of the monument in a regional context. The rurally situated monuments of former Yugoslavia, however, must be seen through their extraordinary qualities as works of art, carrying an agency of their own. Rather than restricting the meaning of their impact, their aesthetic qualities and impact in the environment allow them to speak to us today from a new horizon.

  2. Introduction. The politics of aesthetic historicizations and memory culture in former Yugoslavia Theme: Monuments, new arts, and new narratives

    This special section in Baltic Worlds is the result of a workshop engaging with the politics of aesthetic historicizations, through the grid of the monument.

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