Charlotte Bydler

PhD, is a lecturer at the department of art history and research coordinator in the cultural theory field, Center for Baltic and East European Studies, Södertörn University, Sweden.

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Articles by Charlotte Bydler

  1. Cease identification with territory, gender, race, and class

    Usually, this triennial takes place in Lithuania, as it has since its foundation in the year 1979. But now, due to the celebration of the centennial of the restored three Baltic states, Kestutis Kuizinas, the leader of the Contemporary Art Centre, decided to suggest that they work collaboratively. Thematically, the 13th Baltic Triennial’s three-part format also shaped the way it was realized.

  2. Piotr Piotrowski in memoriam

      It’s not always that the departure of someone whom we have a professional relationship with leaves a physical sense […]

  3. Bakhtin and carnivalesque culture today

    Whether comic, violent, brutal, or burlesque, Bakhtin’s explorations of cultural communication today appeal to linguists and literary theorists; but also to artists, musicians, and scholars in education, Slavic languages, postcolonial studies, and many other fields.

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