Professor of East and Central European History at Erfurt University.

Claudia Kraft

Professor of East and Central European History at Erfurt University, in 2004 senior lecturer at Bochum University, 2001–2004 research fellow at the German Historical Institute in Warsaw. Main fields of research: History of Central and Eastern Europe (especially Polish history) from the 18th century until today, history of gender relations, history of forced migrations.

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Articles by Claudia Kraft

  1. Ethnopolitical dilemmas. Europe’s 20th century: the century of expulsions

    Detlef Brandes, Holm Sundhausen & Stefan Troebst (eds.) Lexikon der Vertreibungen Deportation, Zwangsaussiedlung und ethnische Säuberung im Europa des 20. Jahrhunderts. [Lexicon of expulsions: Deportation, forced resettlement, and ethnic cleansing in twentieth-century Europe] In cooperation with Kristina Kaiserová und Krzysztof Ruchniewicz Vienna, Cologne & Weimar Dmytro Meyshkov, 2010, 801 pages

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