PhD in sociology, CBEES, Södertörn University.

Dominika Polanska

PhD in sociology; currently a postdoctoral research fellow at CBEES. Her research interests are social movements, urban activism, urban politics, residential segregation, and housing in post-socialist settings, especially in Poland.

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Articles by Dominika Polanska

  1. Parental Movements with Disparate Agendas

    There were two disparate and somehow polemic tendencies, or overarching discourses, among the parental movements presented at the workshop on Södertörn University in May 2014. The first was the nationalist discourse, whilst the other predominated discourse was concentrated on promoting new norms in parenting.

  2. Reversing the myth On weak post-communist civil society

    The rationale of the conference “The Challenge of Collective Action: New Perspectives on Civil Society and Social Activism in Contemporary Poland” was to question the conventional view of Polish civil society by highlighting the neglect of spontaneous and informal forms of activism in studies of post-socialist and Polish civil society.

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