Elena Johansson

PhD and researcher at School of Social Sciences, Södertörn University.

Has a significant background of practical work as a TV journalist. In 2007, she defended her dissertation project “Program Strategies of State/Public and Commercial TV Channels in Russia and Sweden in Modern Conditions (1994–2004)” at the Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University, Russia.

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Articles by Elena Johansson

  1. BLOGGING In russia The blog platform LiveJournal as a professional tool of Russian journalists

    The Russian media system today is a hybrid composed of the main public sphere — that is, state-owned mainstream media — and a parallel public sphere or counter-sphere, consisting of mainstream media relatively disloyal to the Kremlin, and social media. The present study is based on an analysis of one hundred journalist’s blogs maintained on the LiveJournal platform in during the 2012 presidential election in Russia.

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