Elżbieta Korolczuk

Sociologist, an activist and commentator, working at Södertörn University, Sweden, and teaching at the Institute for Advanced Study, Political Critique in Warsaw. She has published on social movements, civil society and gender (especially motherhing/fatherhing and assisted reproductive technologies). Between 2001-2014 she was a member of Warsaw based informal feminist group Women’s 8 of March Alliance. She is also engaged in the activities of the Association “For Our Children” fighting for the changes in the Polish child support system and serves as a board member of “Akcja Demokracja” Foundation.

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Articles by Elżbieta Korolczuk

  1. Feminism as left-wing populism

    The contributions to this issue (2020: 1) of Baltic Worlds aptly show that in country after country the representatives of the right-wing parties join ultraconservative groups and religious authorities in attempts to limit women’s reproductive rights, undermine the legitimacy of gender studies as a field of scientific inquiry, and viciously attack sexual or ethnic minorities.

  2. Mass mobilization against the ban on abortion

    Mass mobilization against the ban on abortion is just another example of a new wave of grassroots mobilization in citizens protesting against the changes introduced by the conservative populist Law and Justice in Poland. Polish society becomes extremely polarized but also much more engaged and politically active.

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