Professor of economic psychology at Stockholm School of Economics.

Guje Sevón

Professor of economic psychology at Stockholm School of Economics. From 1987 to 2001 she was a professor of management and organization at the Swedish School of Economics, Hanken, in Helsinki. Also worked at Copenhagen Business School as a visiting professor, and at Stanford University. Among her latest works are “Managers, Ideas and Jesters”, EFI Electronic publications (2009) (together with Liisa Välikangas), and Global Ideas: How Ideas, Objects and Practices Travel in the Global Economy (ed., together with Barbara Czarniawska, 2005).

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Articles by Guje Sevón

  1. Dissertation review. In search of the non-Soviet person

    + Matilda Dahl. States under Scrutiny: International Organizations, Transformation and the Construction of Progress. Doctoral Thesis in Business Administration at Stockholm University, Sweden 2007. (Södertörn University). 224 pages.

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