Håkan Tunón et al

Håkan Tunón, senior research officer at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences & Uppsala University) and coordinator of the National Programme on Local and Traditional Knowledge related to Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity (NAPTEK) – a governmental initiative to meet obligations of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. His research interest is ethnobiology and the interface between knowledge systems related to the use of land and biological resources.

Weronika Axelsson Linkowski, licentiate of philosophy, employment at the Swe-dish Biodiversity Centre. Research fields and experience are: traditional ecology knowledge, bio-diversity, and knowledge integration. Her research emphasizes on land uses as outfield grazing, reindeer herding, summer shieling and effects on threatened biodiversity.

Marie Kvarnström, ecologist employed at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre; also works within NAPTEK. Main foci and interests are: traditional ecological knowledge, biodiversity, people – nature relations and local governance systems for biodiversity management.

Ann Norderhaug, ecologist; has studied cultural landscapes for a long time. Before she retired in 2011, she was the head of cultural landscape research at the Norwegian Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Research. In 2005 she was given an award by the Nordic Council for her broad work with the Nordic cultural landscapes.

Jörgen Wissman, researches within the area of the effects of management on biodiversity. The research is mainly focused on grasslands and infrastructure biotopes and reaches from basic research of pollination and single species effects of grazing to evaluation of CAP on biodiversity and cultural elements on a national level.

Bolette Bele, researcher at Bioforsk (Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research). Her main research interests are: traditional and ecological land-use aspects of Norwegian cultural landscapes, restoration and management of semi-natural grasslands for maintaining biodiversity.

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Articles by Håkan Tunón et al

  1. Views of landscape Reflections on the governance of Scandinavian transhumance

    The authors want to draw attention to the conceptual gaps concerning perspectives of landscapes between academia and government officials and the farmers using the summer farming landscape for food production (small-scale animal husbandry) in Sweden and Norway. They discuss the discrepancies in the views on how this landscape should be governed in order to maintain and enhance its value and potential.

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