PhD student in economic history, Uppsala University.

Hanna Söderbaum

Fan of Ukraine and dancing cosmopolitan. Project coordinator for the compilation CD Messages from Belarus (2009) released by the Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (Östgruppen för demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter). PhD student in economic history, Uppsala University.

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Articles by Hanna Söderbaum

  1. Parallel worlds in Ukraine

    BECAUSE OF THE direct Russian intervention, the territorial integrity and independence of the Ukrainian state is at stake. But as long as business and politics are as intimately intertwined as they are today, any serious reform in Ukraine in line with the ideological foundation of the protest movement will be a an exceptionally challenging task.

  2. Artpole. Interactive relaxation and music festival by the Black Sea

    The ArtPole festival has become one of the most well known festivals in Ukraine over the course of its five-year history. In the past the festival exclusively featured traditional Ukrainian folk music as it developed and flourished during the last decade; now the focus is on what may be called the new urban folk music.

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