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Articles by Hans Wolf

  1. Stockholm as the Baltic hub

    There are few clearer examples of how cultural exchanges across the Baltic Sea have evolved than the annual Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm, which took place for the tenth time this year.

  2. Raoul Wallenberg: Myths and truths

    A hundred years have passed and Raoul Wallenberg is currently the subject of much publicity.

  3. Festival with young people, opera, and Hammarskjöld

    This year’s Baltic Sea Festival, held for nine days in late summer in Stockholm and focusing on music and the environment, was true to form with Esa-Pekka Salonen at the helm. Not only that: the thematic threads were unusually well intertwined.

  4. The Baltic Sea Festival Bridging East and West, North and South

    The eleven-day Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm is supposed to build bridges and tie cultural bounds.

  5. Birgitta Almgren. Politically Loaded Words

    In this interview professor Birgitta Almgren discusses her study on Nazi-German infiltration in Sweden and the offshoots, in Cold War Sweden, of the GDR’s policies. She is now requesting that the Swedish law courts make it possible for her to continue her research by granting her access to the so-called Rosenholz files. In a comment professor Åmark argues for a release of the Stasi-material.

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