PhD from Moscow State University for Humanities.

Irina Kotkina

PhD from Moscow State University for Humanities, and the Swedish Institute’s visiting researcher at CBEES, Södertörn University. At CBEES she is connected to the research project “The Vision of Eurasia: Eurasianist Influences on Politics, Culture and Ideology in Russia Today”.

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Articles by Irina Kotkina

  1. Modernizing Russian culture The reopening of the Bolshoi Theater

    Focusing on the role of the Soviet legacy the author conducts a detailed analysis of the restoration work, as well as the official discourse surrounding it. The aim is to uncovering the ideological ambiguities of Russia’s most recent top-down modernization, a modernization based on values claimed to be “conservative”.

  2. Russia as enfant terrible. In the eye of the “others”

    The 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference “Russia and the World”, which took place in the main building of the University of Helsinki, October 23–25, was dedicated first and foremost to Russian foreign policy.

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