Irina Seits & Ekaterina Kalinina

Irina Seits is PhD-candidate at Södertörn University. MAs in history and fine arts. Research interests: history of modernist architecture of the 1920s and formation of the contemporary living space.
Ekaterina Kalinina is Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Art and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University, Denmark and project manager at the Swedish organization Nordkonst. Research focus: Russian patriotism, biopolitics, nostalgia and national identity.

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Articles by Irina Seits & Ekaterina Kalinina

  1. Searching for Baltic Dimensions

    In the fall, 2016, Färgfabriken organized the symposium “In Search for the Baltic Dimensions”, where researchers, artists, media practitioners, designers, urban planners, and art students outlined some of the burning social and cultural issues related to the Baltic Sea region.

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