Doctoral student in Sociology, BEEGS.

Iveta Jurkane

Doctoral student in Sociology, BEEGS. PhD thesis about long-distance romantic relationships. Previous studies show that the long-distance couples show similar level of satisfaction with relationship, higher idealization of the romantic partner, and are not more likely to commit infidelity. The aim of the study is to understand how couples cope with a geographical distance and how partners design their relationships without proximity.

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Articles by Iveta Jurkane

  1. Referendum Whether to make Russian Latvia’s second official language or not

    On February 18, Latvia held a referendum on amendments to the Constitution (Satversme) that would make Russian a second official language. Discussions about this referendum have been very emotional. The sensitivity of the question resulted in the second-highest turnout of voters (71.12% ) for a referendum, just slightly lower than in the 2003 referendum on joining the European Union (71.49%). The proposal was rejected, so Russian did not become the second official language of Latvia and therefore an EU language.

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