Julieta Rotaru

Senior researcher in Romani Studies at CBEES, Södertörn University. Project researcher (2018–2021) in “Mapping the Roma communities in the 19th century Wallachia”, funded by the Foundation for Baltic And East European Studies. PhD in philology with a focus on Vedic and Sanskrit languages, Romani linguistics and the history of the Roma people.

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Articles by Julieta Rotaru

  1. Aspects of Romani demographics in the 19th century Wallachia,

    In Romani Studies, the second half of the 19th century witnessed a great migration of the Roms from the two Rumanian provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia as a result of the abolition of slavery (also called “Emancipation”, which ushered in the massive liberation of the Romani slaves in 1856 at the initiative of the Prime Minister Mihail Kogălniceanu). However, this period is still poorly explored, particularly from a linguistic and ethnologic point of view.

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