Associate professor of political science at Södertörn University.

Karl Magnus Johansson

Karl Magnus Johansson is an associate professor of political science at Södertörn University. His research interests include European integration, foreign policy, political parties, and transnationalism. In particular, he has published widely on various aspects of transnational party cooperation within and throughout the European Union. Recent publications include “Party Politics in the European Council”, with Jonas Tallberg (Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 15:8); and “The Emergence of Political Parties at European Level: Integration Unaccomplished”, in How Unified Is the European Union? European Integration Between Visions and Popular Legitimacy, edited by Sverker Gustavsson, Lars Oxelheim & Lars Pehrson (Springer, 2009). In 1999, he was a visiting senior fellow at the Center for European Integration Studies in Bonn. From 2002 to 2005 he was a member of the steering committee of the Center for German Studies at Södertörn University.

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Articles by Karl Magnus Johansson

  1. A Process of No Return. Responses within the European Community to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Prospect of German Reunification

    World leaders discussed things behind the scenes. Thatcher but also Mitterrand were against German reunification. An analysis of documents shows how Kohl managed to get the EU’s acceptance.

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