Kateryna Mishchenko

Writer, editor, and translator of German in Kyiv. Born in Poltava, she studied German and literary studies at the Kyiv Linguistic and Hamburg University. Lecturer in history of literature at Kyiv Linguistic University and translator in human rights and social spheres. Co-founder of the Ukrainian publishing house Medusa.

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Articles by Kateryna Mishchenko

  1. Sovereignty and loneliness on Snake Island

    The concept presented by Bloodlands includes a particular state of being at the mercy of the cultural landscape, which has a complex imprint — of history, politics, socialization. I saw the task of my generation to be the “liberation” of this landscape, a performative healing of my country, where the process of coming to terms with the bloody past would have coexist with the development of solidary and non-violent cohabitation. Today’s war of annihilation has torn not only my generation, but also the older and younger generations from their previous lives and brought them down to the bloody ground.

  2. Sacrifice is just another word for solidarity in Ukraine today

    In Ukraine today, “solidarity” means self-dedication and sacrifice — and is more tangible than ever before.

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