Leila Alieva

Affiliate of REES, Oxford School for Global and Area Studies (OSGA), previously Senior Common Room Member and Academic Visitor at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, with a PhD from Moscow University. Originally from Azerbaijan, she founded and directed two ”think-tanks” in Baku, and held fellowships at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Kennan Institute (Washington, DC) the NATO Defence College (Rome), IFK (Institut Für Kulturwissenschaften) Vienna. Her research and publications cover Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, Russia, the broader Former Soviet Union; and range thematically from energy security and conflicts, to democracy in the oil rich states, as well as issues around integration into the EU (ENP and EaP) and NATO.

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Articles by Leila Alieva

  1. How the pandemic has helped officials to control, manipulate and enrich in Azerbaijan

    The period of pandemic demonstrated the main problem which affected dynamic of statistics and overall situation in the country – a lack of trust of citizens in the state institutions, adding to their already undermined fabric by many years of exclusive policies of the self-interest driven elite. The pandemic situation could have served as an excuse for solidarity and mobilization of the society vis-a-vis common threat. Instead it was used by the government to strengthen its power.

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