Associate professor of economic history at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Lennart Samuelson

Associate professor of economic history at the Stockholm School of Economics. His dissertation was a study of the Soviet war economy during the 1930s. Has published Plans for Stalin’s War-Machine (2000), and was editor of the anthology Bönder och bolsjeviker. Den ryska landsbygdens historia 1902–1939 [Farmers and the Bolsheviks: The History of Rural Russia, 1902–1939] (2007), to which Moshe Lewin and Teodor Shanin, among others, contribute. Received in 2000 the newly established Hugo Raab Prize for solid contributions to military-historical research, and, in 2007, the Tilas Prize for highly useful military-historical efforts.

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Articles by Lennart Samuelson

  1. In Memoriam Robert Conquest

    Robert Conquest died on Monday 3 August in Stanford, California. He was 98. Lennart Samuelson here writes on a historian who in his fundamental book of 1969 more than any other coined the term ‘the Great Terror’ for Stalin’s purges and show trials in the 1930s. Baltic Worlds also here highlight Samuelson’s previously published review on the Festschrift Political Violence: Belief, Behavior, and Legitimation, presented to Robert Conquest on his 90th birthday.

  2. Inflationary use of a political concept. Reinterpreting “genocide”

    Norman M Naimark, Stalins Genocides, Princeton & Oxford 2010, Princeton University Press, 163 pages, index.

  3. Reflections on the historiography of a reactionary era

    Andrei Zubov, (ed. and author), Istoriia Rossii, XX vek. 1894–1939, Istoriia Rossii, XX vek. 1939–2007, [The history of Russia: The 20th century. 1894– 1939; The history of Russia: The 20th century. 1939–2007] Moscow: Astrel 2009, 1,023+829 pages

  4. A pathbreaker. Robert Conquest and Soviet studies during the Cold War

    + Paul Hollander (ed.) Political Violence: Belief, Behavior, and Legitimation. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave MacMillan 2008. 272 pages.

  5. Pioneering work. The history of Soviet incorporations

    + Elena Zubkova Pribaltika i Kreml, 1940–1953 [The Baltic States and the Kremlin, 1940–1953], Moscow: Rosspen 2008. 351 pages.

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