Linda Kaljundi & Kristina Joekalda

Linda Kaljundi is Associate Professor of History and a Senior Researcher at Tallinn University. Kristina Jõekalda is Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture, Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Her research focuses on the history of art historiography and heritage preservation in the 19th and 20th century in the context of nationalism studies.

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Articles by Linda Kaljundi & Kristina Joekalda

  1. “Almost every nationally-defined state turned autocratic and anti-pluralistic”

    Kristina Jõekalda and Linda Kaljundi in a conversation with Joep Leerssen on past and present nationalism in Europe and beyond. Joep Leerssen, Professor of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, is one of the leading scholars of nationalism, having initiated several innovative projects and produced influential texts in the field.

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