Lyudmyla Pavlyuk

Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism at Ivan Franko National University in Lviv, Ukraine. Her research field is the analysis of discursive constructions of national identity and representation of conflict in mass media. Major publications include “Sign, Symbol, and Myth in Mass Communication” (2006), “Rhetoric, Ideology, and Persuasive Communication” (2007), “Discourse Analysis: Sociocultural, Communicative, and Linguistic Aspects” (2009).

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Articles by Lyudmyla Pavlyuk

  1. Many Ukrainian children have left home. Some displaced children end up in Lviv

    During the first month of the war, more than half of the children in Ukraine left their homes. Many of those who came out of hell arrived in the relatively calmer west of Ukraine as well as to neighboring European countries. Some were displaced after weeks of hiding in basements, dilapidated houses, in cars or even lines of vehicles under the enemy fire.

  2. Elena Vasilyeva. Gathers information about soldiers killed

    An interview with Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilyeva, founder of the group “Load 200 from Ukraine to Russia.” that gathers information about soldiers killed in military operation zones abroad and then transported home. The article contains statements that reflect the views of the author and the interviewed, not necessary the view of Baltic Worlds'.

  3. Russian-Ukrainian Information Wars Over the Meanings of WWII

    During the May 25 presidential election, the leaders of Svoboda and the Right sector had only 1, 7 percent of support. This is, according to Lyudmyla Pavlyuk, professor in journalism in Ukraine, an argument that the Russian official propaganda about Ukraine’s “fascism” is a way to legitimize Russian policies of occupation and aggression.

  4. comments on the current events in Ukraine

    "Euromaidan is an anti-amnesia action of a postcolonial nation aimed against a restored post-Soviet space", posts Lyudmyla Pavlyuk, professor in journalism in Ukraine.

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