Madeleine Hurd is assistant professor in history, Södertörn University and Steffen Werther is PhD in history, also at Södertörn University.

Madeleine Hurd & Steffen Werther

Madeleine Hurd: Assistant professor, Södertörn University, since 1999. PhD in history, Harvard University, 1993, with the thesis “The Elusive Alliance: Socialists and Liberals in Hamburg and Stockholm, 1875—1914”.

Steffen Werther: PhD in history, 2012, at CBEES in cooperation with the University of Stockholm. His thesis examines the implementations of the SS’s Greater Germanic idea in the Danish-German border region.

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Articles by Madeleine Hurd & Steffen Werther

  1. Nature, the Volk, and the Heimat The narratives and practices of the far-right ecologist

    The authors examine neo-Nazis’ increased interest in issues involving the environment and nature, and scrutinize their reasoning about commodification and globalization.

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