Associate professor, history, Södertörn University.

Maija Runcis

Associate professor, history, Södertörn University. Runcis’s research has focused primarily on the Swedish welfare state and Swedish social policies from the perspective of minorities (e.g., the sterilization of deviants, forced removal of children from the home, educational programs for immigrants). At present, she is a member of the research project “The Family and the Powerful State: On Family Politics in an East European Perspective”, in the context of which she is writing on family politics in Soviet Latvia.

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Articles by Maija Runcis

  1. Hardships and pleasures during the Soviet era. Life stories

    + Estonian Life Stories, Edited and translated by Tiina Kirss, Compiled by Rutt Hinrikus Budapest: Central European University Press 2009, 539 pages

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