Manne Wängborg

A Swedish diplomat and writer, former Consul General of Sweden in Kaliningrad, Russia, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

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Articles by Manne Wängborg

  1. The Åland autonomy. The Åland autonomy. A success story and a particular case

    The Future Conditions for the Åland Autonomy, Bjarne Lindström and Göran Lindholm (Olof M. Jansson’s Foundation for the promotion of historical research on Åland, 2021), 95 pages

  2. A homage to the beauty of two hundred Baltic Sea lighthouses. A coffee table book rich with photos

    Fyrar runt Östersjön. [Lighthouses around the Baltic Sea] Magnus Rietz, (Stockholm: Lind & Co, 2019), 415 pages

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