Margaret Tali

Mobilitas plus postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Current research deals with the complex memories of WWII in the Baltic States in practices of contemporary art and documentary film.

Holds a PhD from the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam with the thesis “Speaking Absence: Art Museums, Representation and Knowledge Creation”. Art and ownership is one of her crucial points of interrogation.

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Articles by Margaret Tali

  1. A language to heal

    The documentary film Liebe Oma, Guten Tag! What we leave behind (2017) by sisters Jūratė and Vilma Samulionytė tackles persistent silences within one family in Lithuania in a telling way for how sensitive the past is in the Baltic and East European context.

  2. Rethinking Colonialism(s) in Eastern Europe

    The WeberWorldCafé-event “Legacies of Colonialism in East Central Europe”, took place in October 15, 2019 in the Museum am Rothenbaum – Kulturen und Künste der Welt, Hamburg.

  3. Art and Ownership in Eastern European Art History

    When it comes to art museums in post-Soviet Eastern Europe, ownership is an especially loaded issue that continues to bring out new skeletons from its closeted past. Ludwig’s gigantic art collection, consisting of some 50,000 artworks, came into being because of his goal of inscribing himself into the future of art history.

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