Maria Silina

PhD, is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of History of Art at UQAM, Montreal and a Visiting Fellow at CBEES, Södertörn University, Stockholm (2023). They participate in several research projects that address Communist culture and media, museum studies, and contemporary art activism.

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Articles by Maria Silina

  1. Russian cultural expansion in Ukraine. Exploring new perspectives for international relations in the region

    The paper examines Russia’s cultural expansionism that extends beyond the military invasion in Ukraine since 2014. In the first part, I trace Russia’s systematic efforts to seize and manipulate Ukrainian heritage, often under the guise of protection. I also touch on the role of museums in this expansion, where they are used to preserve collections through coercive acquisition and to promote a Russian-centric narrative. The second part of the article delves into the historical relationships between Russia and Ukraine, especially in the context of the Soviet era’s museum infrastructure. Overall, the text calls for new concepts and international efforts to critique Russia’s actions and protect Ukrainian culture.

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