Maryia Rohava

Maryia Rohava is a PhD-candidate at the  Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo in Norway. Her PhD-project concerns “Political Rituals under Autocratic Rule in Belarus, 1995-2015: Symbols, Performances and Popular Beliefs”.

Maryia Rohava has a background in Political Science (B.A.), and completed her research Master’s degree in European Studies at Maastricht University with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations.

Before joining University of Oslo, she worked as a research assistant on EU multilevel governance at the European Institute of Public Administration in Barcelona. She gained experience in civil society empowerment and civil rights advocacy at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre in Lithuania and through participation in international election observation missions in Belarus, Georgia and Lithuania.

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Articles by Maryia Rohava

  1. Revisiting Electoral Tactics in Belarus: Local Elections 2018

    Lukashenka is not going to undermine or change electoral strategies that have worked well for sustaining the regime. But the regime will be employing other non-electoral strategies to hold on to its power. The established political system maintains a number of preemptive mechanisms that prevent public mobilization and collective action. The detention of independent journalists on the bogus charges of non-authorized access and the case against the chairman of the independent labor union, who is currently on trial, just confirm that the regime does not shy away from using selective prosecution when it is needed. Now, with the tightening control over the online space, Lukashenka wants to prevent any surprises such as the public mobilization against the infamous unemployment tax.

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