PhD in political science. Chancellor of Växjö University and Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Mats Bergquist

Mats Bergquist, is associate professor in political science at the University of Lund. He was admitted to the Swedish Foreign Service in 1964 and served in London, New York and Washington and at the MFA 1964-1987, when he was appointed Ambassador to Israel. 1992-1997 he was Ambassador to Helsinki, and held the same position 1997-2004 in London.
Mats Bergquist is Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.
Apart from his dissertation on Sweden´s relations with the EEC in 1961-l962, he has published five books, the latest Experimentet Blair (2007) and a hundred odd essays on international politics.

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Articles by Mats Bergquist

  1. After two months. surprising new government in Helsinki

    Immediately after the Finnish parliamentary elections on April 17, which resulted in a smashing victory for the populist True Finns Party, but left the National Coalition Party with the largest number of seats in Parliament, most observers had expected that the three largest parties would form the new government. But after a couple of weeks it became evident that this would not work.

  2. Dramatic victory for a populist party in Finland

    The Finnish Parliamentary elections of, which were held on April 17, resulted in a dramatic victory for a populist party, the True Finns, which increased its representation from 4 to 39 seats, and a big defeat for the Center Party of Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi. The leader of the National Coalition Party, which despite losing six seats, Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen is expected to form the new government.

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