Professor of history at Åbo (Turku) Academy University.

Max Engman

Professor of history at Åbo (Turku) Academy University. His research has focused on the relationship between Finland and Russia and on what he himself calls comparative empire studies. He has published inter alia Mellan lejonet och dubbelörnen. Finlands imperiella decennier [Between the Lion and the Double-Headed Eagle: Finland’s Imperial Decades] (1999). Board member of The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland. During the fall of 2008, visiting professor at CBEES. Received the 2007 Hertig Karls Prize, the biggest prize for historians in Sweden.

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Articles by Max Engman

  1. A Triangular Drama. at the Periphery of a World War

    The struggle for control among the Great Powers in the Nordic region during the 19th century focused on the dissolutions of unions and on nation-building. Russia and Napoleon were strong players. Sweden and Finland had a close relationship.

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