Michael Bradshaw

Professor of Human Geography, Leicester University.

At present my research is organised around two major research themes: the territorial cohesion of the Russian Federation (this relates to the wider themes on Postcolonial Worlds and Governance, Power and Space); and global energy dilemmas (this relates to the Nature, Environment and Society theme). In one way or another, these two themes involve the inter-relationships between energy security, globalization, economic transformation, regional change, resource-based development, sustainable development and climate change. In recent years four projects have been completed and two are on going. I have also been involved in a number of ESRC funded seminars and a new seminar series entitled the Geographies of Energy Transition is just beginning.

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Articles by Michael Bradshaw

  1. Global Energy Dilemmas: Baltic Energy Dilemmas?

    This short presentation introduces the concept of the ‘Global Energy Dilemmas’ to examine the interrelationship between energy security, economic globalization and climate change policy.

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