Mike Dennis

Is Professor of Modern German History, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications, University of Wolverhampton.

Mike Dennis’ main research and teaching interests concern the history of the German Democratic Republic and the socio-economic transformation of the country since the collapse of communist rule in 1989-90. In co-operation with colleagues in Germany and the UK, he has published numerous articles and books on the Ministry of State Security, the persecution of religious minorities, foreign workers and football culture. The AHRC supported a major study of the tens of thousands of Vietnamese and Mozambicans who worked on fixed contracts during the final decade of the GDR. All the projects on the communist dictatorship are based on primary documentation and oral testimonies and seek to explore the interaction between the executors of power and their ‘subjects’. His current research focuses on minorities in the GDR and the history of football in East Germany under fascism and communism.

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    The range of evidence and countries involved in doping advises caution against a one-dimensional criticism and demonisation of the ‘Other Europe’.

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